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1. Can I buy Bitcoins with a credit card?

Yes, the DBX platform supports depositing and withdrawal of funds with the credit card, converting them into convenient type of cryptocurrency.

2. Can I buy DBX with a credit card?

Sure, it is allowed to use various methods of buying, including credit cards.

3. Can I buy cryptocurrency with a credit card in wallet Bang?

Yes, as Bang wallet is designed to mediate between crypto and fiat assets, therefore supporting the operations made by credit cards.

4. Can I buy crypto with American Express?

Yes, the system is set for transactions from and to American Express.

5. How to add Bitcoins to wallet?

You can buy the cryptocurrency in our wallet or transfer it to a wallet through supported blockchains.

6. What is a crypto wallet address?

Crypto wallet address is a digital destination code which is made up of letters and numbers that you use for sending and receiving transactions.

7. How do I find my crypto wallet address in DBX Bang?

The address is set on main screen of the app, so there will not be an issue with finding it.

8. Does my crypto still grow in a wallet?

Your crypto grows depending on market sentiment, so it is essential to keep track on its price. There is also an option for staking the crypto assets within the app, but it should be supported by the blockchain.

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